Developing Holistic management processes that identifies potential threats to your organization
K.I.T. Corp provides I.T. Auditing and Compliance to Small, Medium and Large Companies. 

HIPPA and HITECH Compliance

More than 700,000 hospitals, emergency medical clinics, dental offices, nursing homes and other health-related entities are required by law to have a specialized IT risk assessment performed to satisfy the requirements of HIPAA - The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

So, too, are an estimated 2 million other companies that do business with these entities, including IT service providers, shredding companies, documents storage companies, attorneys, accountants, collections agencies, and many others. Many of these companies and organizations are not even aware of this legal requirement!

Our Audit Professionals can conduct an audit and produce the official documents that comprise a comprehensive HIPAA IT assessment, including: HIPAA Policy and Procedures, HIPAA Risk Analysis, HIPAA Management Plan, Evidence of HIPAA Compliance and all of the associated supporting documentation that your company needs to obtain or maintain your HIPPA / HITECH compliance.

Business Continuity Planning

K.I.T. Corp can conduct a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) which differentiates critical (urgent) and non-critical (non-urgent) organization functions/activities for your business. Critical functions are those whose disruption is regarded as unacceptable. Perceptions of acceptability are affected by the cost of recovery solutions. A function may also be considered critical if dictated by law. For each critical (in scope) function, two values are then assigned:

Recovery Point Objective (RPO) - the acceptable latency of data that will not be recovered

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) - the acceptable amount of time to restore the function

The recovery point objective must ensure that the maximum tolerable data loss for each activity is not exceeded. The recovery time objective must ensure that the Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption (MTPoD) for each activity is not exceeded.

KIT Corp can accomplish this for you by creating a BCM and Disaster Recovery Plan for you or assisting your IT Department in its creation or audit your existing plan. To learn more about our solutions that can positively impact your RPO and RTO, select our BCM Solutions.

I.T. Security Auditing

We help clients in I.T. by creating an extensive and formal overview of an organization's security systems and processes--The Security Audit: An all-encompassing, in-depth, review of not only physical attributes (networks, firewalls, hardware, etc.) but other areas including policy and standard operating procedures.

To start the process, we conduct a Security Assessment - and with the assessment results, we can recommend steps to remedy the problems within your system.

Keep in mind, a Security Assessment is only a part of a Security Audit.